ArnetMiner a system similar to Pushpin

This system seems similar to Pushpin. Their visualizations are good.

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By looking around for a suitable system to do realtime analytics for the project group I have come to Storm.

Storm is a system to distribute realtime analytics to a cluster of server. For this the storm system uses Zookeeper to coordinate master and worker nodes and use a message queues to build create datastream to connect the workernodes. Such a connection of several workernode is called a topology. A topology could by deployed local on one server or could be submitted to the cluster.

I have read some stuff about the system and it would be easy to run this on our cluster and connect this to e.g. hbase. All we need ist to set up the masterprocess and the worker nodes, zookeeper ist already running for hbase.

Here some further information:

A presentation of storm:

The stormwiki:


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Designing RESTful Web Services and HTTP Interfaces

Today, I found this very cool presentation that deals with the design of RESTful Web Services and HTTP Interfaces. It was given by a very experienced PHP programmer at the 2011 PHPdays.

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Elsevier’s vision of future scientific articles

Elsevier published its vision of the scientific article of the future and provide some very interesting ideas for making interaction with scientific publications more fun.

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