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21 Oct

Hi all,

I am Shakeel Shrestha from Pokhara, Nepal. Well u know or not Pokhara is the tourism capital of Nepal with a long Annapurna Range and I love it.

After my bachelors I came to the capital, Kathmandu in search for the job (actually first for the internship that our college managed). However, since then I was in Kathmandu somehow working. Started my career as a php programmer where I was the only programmer. Somehow managed to work for some months alone until I felt that I need senior from whom I could learn and progress quick. Slowly we were 6 and working was fun. However the company management failed and slowly all of us left (I worked there as if it was my own company with almost nothing in return). Then joined rather established company ( that works mostly in local projects of Banks including SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Utility Bill Payment etc. After I joined the company started its in-house dream project, Nepal’s first payment gateway. I worked as a Developer in JSF, Java for around 1.5 years.

Now I am here in Paderborn, somehow. For the project group there were only two options for me; either PUSHPIN or SAFEBOTS II. I have already become fan of Model Driven Software Development (MDSD). Prof. Steven Becker is currently teaching this subject. However, the social networking hype, the web technologies where I have a little knowledge rather than in MDSD made me to register into this project. To be true when you see people using your product or the project you worked for, you get satisfaction and I saw this possibility with PUSHPIN.

I am a team player professionally but likes to be with few people around personally. I am much of a taciturn and also not a party creature.



Delicious: shakeelstha

NOTE: I am worst in Mathematics. I don’t know how will I pass my Masters : D


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2 responses to “Know Me

  1. wollepb

    21.10.2011 at 17:09

    The picture is one more reason to go to Nepal some time….

  2. itsluqman

    23.10.2011 at 14:47
    I like this project


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