Bing says hi to all…!!!

23 Oct

Hi everyone,

My name is Bing Gao and I am from China. I got my Bachelor degree from North East Normal University, China in Software Engineering.  My four years of undergraduate studies exposed me to all the core areas of computer science like operating systems, data structures and algorithms, networks, software engineering. These courses have given me a foundation in the core concepts and an in-depth understanding of these subjects  have made the choice of further study, for me, an obvious one.

Before my Masters studies I have 10 months of experience as an intern in China Development Lab, IBM China. I was part of an Information Management team that aimed at building an open SOA-based data management solution for the leading logistics management solutions provider in China – Qingdao Hisense Network Technology (HTT) .My key responsibilities included creating small prototypes in C++, testing of design attributes and coordinating with other team members in accomplishing the overall objectives.

I have always been interested in internet technologies and I have always been curious about how certain features can increase the overall user experience. And I believe PUSHPIN will help me to gain knowledge about how web applications are designed, the usability and interactivity trends on the web.

Besides all these I love baking cakes and hope someday would bake a nice cake for the team…:D






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2 responses to “Bing says hi to all…!!!

  1. itsluqman

    24.10.2011 at 01:25

    I love to eat cakes;)

  2. wollepb

    24.10.2011 at 08:25

    Same here ;)


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