Hi! This is Pranav…

28 Oct


This is Pranav Kadam from Mumbai/Pune (India).

I completed my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune. I worked in the IT industry for 2+ years on Web based Design and Development. I have experience in PHP, HTML, CSS 2.0, Javascript, jQuery, Apache Tapestry and mySQL. I also have a little experience with Ruby on Rails. I have worked with frameworks like CakePHP, Struts and Spring.

Till now, mostly I have worked on User Interfaces, defining its design, structure, accessibility, usability, organization and maintenance of files and file structure. I have extended the OOCSS project for the products I worked on and have exploited its features extensively. I have also enjoyed writing jQuery plugins for my company.

The reason to choose PUSHPIN was familiarity with some technologies/frameworks/Agile practices and fascination to know, learn and work on others like Apache Hadoop, Apache Solr, Semantic Web, etc.

I am creative person by nature and in my free time I like to paint, design and recently I have a new hobby of reading being added to my interests. I am a nature lover and I enjoy traveling to isolated places. I am trying my hands on Photography and I wish to have an exhibition of my photographs some years down the lane. I am also crazy for gadgets.

I often find myself procrastinating my work till last moment though I like and try to work in a well structured, well managed way. But I believe working under pressure bring best out of me.

I am happy to work with all of you and I will be glad to receive your support and guidance. I hope we all have fun working together.


Facebook: pranav.kadam
Mendeley: pranav-kadam
Delicious: pdkadam
Twitter: pdkadam
Blog: p-d-k

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