Seminar Topic: Trend Detection and Visualization & Search

09 Nov


This topic is divided into 3 parts viz.

1. Trend detection in numbers:

More: Moving average and its classification, predictive analysis and forecasts, visualization.
Example: Stock markets
Useful tool(s): MS Excel
Prototype: Yes.

2. Trend detection in text:

More: Term document matrix, comparisons, how can we achieve it, mathematical models, can we use Java/C#, visualizations, ThemeRiver.
Prototype: No.

3. Custom Search Applications:

More: Apache Solr, web services, semantic search, possible linked data extensions.
Prototype: Yes.

So far:
Currently I am reading whatever I come across about Trend detection. I am also learning various techniques with MS Excel. I have added a few papers those I found useful to Dropbox(links provided below).

Access e-books at Dropbox and papers at Mendeley in folder “Trend Detection” under PG PUSHPIN group.


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2 responses to “Seminar Topic: Trend Detection and Visualization & Search

  1. wollepb

    09.11.2011 at 00:52

    Please put the papers in the according folder in our Mendeley group. The Dropbox is intended for ebooks only…


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