This is me

09 Nov

Hey everyone,

I am Pragati Sureka. My name means “progress”, though sometimes it feels like I am going backwards :). I am from Bihar, India.

I did my bachelors in Computer Science from University of Pune, Pune. I have worked as a web developer for 2 years before coming to Germany. Even though I have worked as a web developer my interestes and knowledge are not only limited to web technologies. I like working on and learning new technologies that challenges my creative thinking.

Apart from computers I like Travelling, Adventure sports, listening to music, reading and watching(and playing) football, my favorite team being “FC Barcelona”.

I joined pushpin because it uses the some of the technologies I have worked with and many I have not work on but have interest in, which gives me a chance to learn new things and polish what I already know. This project also demands a lot of creativity and “out-of-box” thinking.

Below are my contact details for various services I use:





Skype Id : pragati.sureka29a








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