Hi Again

17 Nov

I would like to share my topic with everyone on the blog. My topic would be dealing with authentication and data exchange between multi touch tables and mobile devices. I would be explaining certain points like, what is already existing, what the standards in that area are and how it has to be implemented on iOS / Android.
One possible idea is to have a mobile application that has access to your Mendeley library (via their API). When you come to the table, the table would be able to recognize you (meaning your mobile device) exchange some data with it (e.g. the Mendeley account name and password) and could visualize your Mendeley library. When someone else comes to the table he could do the same and the two of you would then be able to see overlaps in your library. From the mobile you could flip documents to the table and interact with them (annotate for example). After that you could grab the annotated document and store it back to the mobile.

The research include the visualization of a research paper based social network on tablets, smartphones and multitouch table. This would be a good idea because at a conference people would be able to know for example oh he or she has cited the same paper as i did. It will enrich the social communication between researchers and similarly might create collaborations and more good research ideas. Tagline when two people of same interest meet, the discuss is objective based and more rich.

If any one would like to add any idea to this, he or she is more then welcome because i am looking for more additions in it…

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