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Comparison of design principles for navigating large data sets

In a very recent video Bram Vandeputte compares two design principles for navigating large data set on their multitouch table. The first design principles comes from Ben Shneiderman (2003) and is called “overview first”. The other one has been made known by Jeffrey Heer and danah boyd and is based on “start with what you know, then grow” (2005) the view from there. Here is the video and the according blog post.


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Links and tools on Visualization and Visual Analytics

Here are some resources that show what is feasibel with visualizations and visual analytics. You can use them as steady source of inspiration

Some concrete examples


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ScienceTable and Muse

I talked about the two applications of a multitouch table from the colleagues Bram Vandeputte (Blog, Twitter) and Till Nagel (Blog, Twitter) before. They used a multitouch table to visualize the co-author community of a conference series (here EC-TEL) and to visualize geospatial patterns of cooperation. Bram posted about the original version of his ScienceTable here and meanwhile there is a new version. Till posted about his interactive geospatial visualization here and here. He also provides a Processing.js reference implementation of “Exploding Menus“. References to the works are in the Mendeley group for the project group.


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