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Reference quality and using BibTeX for reference management

For the project group, please make sure that you cite references of high quality (read: books, journal articles or conference proceedings). Wikipedia is a very good entry point for each and any topic but you should look for “better” references when it comes to citing some work. We all know about the discussion on quality differences in Wikipedia compared to other encyclopedias but you should also try to look beyond Wikipedia.

Regarding the reference management in your paper, you will have to use BibTeX. The references are stored in the .bib file I provided. Have a look at this page for learning which fields are required for which kind of reference. As a rule of thumb you need to remember that each reference needs at least

  • year of publication
  • title
  • name of the authors

I highly recommend that you use a reference manager like BibDesk (Mac) or JabRef (Linux, Windows, Mac).

When you cite online resources, please use the @misc BibTeX type. The URL of the site goes into “howpublished” together with the date of access. Here are two examples:

Author = {Moore, C. and Rugullies, E.},
Howpublished = {Available online \url{} accessed 28.10.2010},
Title = {{The Information Workplace Will Redefine The World Of Work At Last}},
Year = {2005}}
Author = {Crowdsourced},
Howpublished = {Available online \url{} (accessed 31 December 2010)},
Month = {December},
Title = {{Deletionism and inclusionism in Wikipedia}},
Year = {2010}}

The second example also shows how you should deal with user-generated content. First, the author of such content should be set to “crowdsourced” and second, you should try to link to a permanent URL. In the case of Wikipedia this is achieved by selecting “permanent link” in the “toolbox” section of the left navigation (e.g.

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Seminar articles

I explained the rules for the seminar article many time before, but now I put the reference also in the blog, so anyone can refer to this post in case of any questions.

  • The SVN holds a template of the seminar article.
  • You have to use LaTeX to produce the article.
  • You have to continuously update your article in the SVN.
  • You have to present a preliminary outline of your seminar article to the supervisors until 02.12.2011 latest.
  • Present your ideas for your prototype until 09.12.2011 latest.
  • The final version of the seminar article has to be ready 31.01.2012.
  • The minimum length of your article (including figures, tables and references) is 16 pages. The maximum length is 20 pages.

The seminar presentations will be in mid-January. Each one of you will have to present his topic and prototype for around 25 minutes. After the presentation we will have a round of questions.


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