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Designing RESTful Web Services and HTTP Interfaces

Today, I found this very cool presentation that deals with the design of RESTful Web Services and HTTP Interfaces. It was given by a very experienced PHP programmer at the 2011 PHPdays.

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Developing Multitouch Table Applications – Slides

In my presentation I introduced some concepts of Developing Multitouch Table Applications. The slides contains a short description about the underlying hardware technologies. As the platform for the implementation of my prototype I decided to use Microsoft Surface SDK. Description of the it’s architecture contains also in my presentation.

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Tools and libraries for visualization

Here are some tools and libraries that can be used in our project.

TileMill is a free application for making maps and visualization of geospatial data.

TileMill: Adding data from Development Seed on Vimeo.

Such visualization is possible to make with d3.js library. It can be used for visualization of bibliographic coupling for example.


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Visual Analytics – Slides

In the seminar phase I considered theoretical bases of Visual Analytics and those aspects of it, which will be applied in our project. In particular: geospatial and time factor visualization, plagiarism visualization, social networks visualization, visualization of scientific collaboration, perception and cognitive aspects. Additionally, I offered some ideas on what can be implemented during the project group.


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