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Seminar articles

I explained the rules for the seminar article many time before, but now I put the reference also in the blog, so anyone can refer to this post in case of any questions.

  • The SVN holds a template of the seminar article.
  • You have to use LaTeX to produce the article.
  • You have to continuously update your article in the SVN.
  • You have to present a preliminary outline of your seminar article to the supervisors until 02.12.2011 latest.
  • Present your ideas for your prototype until 09.12.2011 latest.
  • The final version of the seminar article has to be ready 31.01.2012.
  • The minimum length of your article (including figures, tables and references) is 16 pages. The maximum length is 20 pages.

The seminar presentations will be in mid-January. Each one of you will have to present his topic and prototype for around 25 minutes. After the presentation we will have a round of questions.


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