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Tools and libraries for visualization

Here are some tools and libraries that can be used in our project.

TileMill is a free application for making maps and visualization of geospatial data.

TileMill: Adding data from Development Seed on Vimeo.

Such visualization is possible to make with d3.js library. It can be used for visualization of bibliographic coupling for example.


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Visual Analytics – Slides

In the seminar phase I considered theoretical bases of Visual Analytics and those aspects of it, which will be applied in our project. In particular: geospatial and time factor visualization, plagiarism visualization, social networks visualization, visualization of scientific collaboration, perception and cognitive aspects. Additionally, I offered some ideas on what can be implemented during the project group.


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HTML5 and CSS3 Readiness

It show a cool graphical visualization of HTML5 and CSS3 readiness in most of the major browsers we use.

I guess the technology used for visualization could  of interest to those who are working in “data visualization”

To see the visualization open this link:

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Gapminder Desktop

A free tool for animated statistics:

Example of presentation using Gapminder (Population growth explained with IKEA boxes).


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Tableau Public

Free tool for interactive data visualization with opportunity to embed it in a website.


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My topic: Visual analytics

My task is to study existing approaches and solutions (tools) regarding data visualization, visual analytics and afterwards create a prototype (mockup) applying knowledge to the topics of our project.

Some subtopics and directions of study:

  • visualization of cooperation networks
  • spreading of ideas (flow visualization)
  • geospatial network visualization
  • time factor visualization
  • plagiarism visualization
  • diagrammatic reasoning
  • geospatial visualization + data mining

So far I’ve partly studied the book “Mastering the Information Age – Solving Problems with Visual Analytics”, papers: Muse: Visualizing the origins and connections of institutions based on co-authorship of publications, Interactive Exploration of Geospatial Network Visualization.

Tools and resources that I find interesting:

  • Gephi  – an open source tool for graph visualization
  • OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. They gather and present data about socio-economical and political situation in different countries.
  • Visual complexity – original ways of visualizing various data.

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Visualization of 18th century social networks

The Republic of Letters is maybe one of the oldest social networks of researchers that is now being studied. Some bright minds at Stanford started mapping the interactions between the 18th century scholars (they sent letters to each other) and created some very nice visualizations. Amongst them their is a flow visualization that would be interesting for the project group as well. Also the video shows how those visual analytics help to reason about the underlying data.


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